fredag den 14. februar 2020

Unboxing Last Wave

This second of my unboxing shows the second production from Nordlys Miniatures Last Wave. Again a beautifull and sturdy box setting a high standard for what we can expect from Nordlys Miniatures. The model: (2 in stock as of this moment) The model itself, Last Wave, is sculpted by a friend of mine from Denmark; Torben Ryde. I have been lucky to get a few sneakpeaks a long the way and it is every bit as amazing in real life and in photos. The first boxart is done by David Colwell, an amazing piece of art, I can really advice everyone to take a look at his instafram profile. My good friend and fellow neard Thomas Coltau from Coltau painting:


torsdag den 13. februar 2020

Unboxing of the first ever Nordlys Miniatures production

Wow its been waaaay too long since my last post and with good reason. A new baby on its way and work is more stressfull than ever.

Anyways, this post is about my good friends Jakob and Mads. They have started a new model producing company and they have their aim set for the top shelf. The best quality money can buy.

I have made an unboxing of their first ever production and I hope to do one on all their productions as well as what ever I buy from other companies.

Disclaimer: The models I show in the videos are models I have bought with my own money at the standard price everyone els can buy them. So this is not a comercial or special promotion of a specific product or company, its simply by take on the item in question.

First ever unboxing by JRP.Painting. Unboxing the “Laird Mcarine”, first ever production by Nordlys Miniatures. Sculpt and boxart by Magnus Fagerberg. Nordlys miniatures: BIZart by Nordlys Miniatures co-found: Jakob Villien aka Pink Label Studio.


torsdag den 20. juni 2019

I need some help from my network

I am looking for the old Epiq Warlord titan:

I live in Denmark, I would like to buy one if anyone has one for sale. Just write a comment here.


fredag den 23. november 2018

Monte San Savino show 2018, the painting madness with Alfonso Giraldes aka Banshee

Alfonso Giraldes aka Banshee, is know in the world of miniature modelpainting as a "one of a kind", a twister of colours and expressions. This year he was the conductor of the chaotic speedpainting event. Last year I participated, this year I wasnt so lucky but then again, I got to behold the madsness from outside. I livestreamed the event and here is the film plus pictures of the end result. Click the first image for link to the film.


Monte San Savino 2018, the lady in red

This year saw the release of something very special: The flamingo dancer sculpted and painted by Torben Ryde.

Click the image for link to video:

This model is a one off sculpted and then painted by Torben and it was all done under the radar with the first official unvail done at Monte San Savino show 2018

Monte San Savino 2018 Awesome people

So, as you know it was not only the danes that invaded Monte San Savino. A lot of other amazing people come to have fun, talk and eat amazing food :D

John Keys had an accident a few months back. Fortunately, he was well enough to meet us all at Monte. John I hope you had an awesome time dispite your crutches. John invited me a trip on Le Bindi and oh what a treat. John also brought a few models.

Stand-up guy and all time model collecter Bent Curry was also amongst the usual suspects, he even brought one of his Dogme48 models, amongst others.

The man wearing bowboy clothing, Conrad Mynett was also pressent to see if he could match his gold medal from last year:

Maj this year I was in Berlin to participate in the Paint-O-Palooza event with Matt Cexwish and Ben Komets in lead. There I met a great man from sweeden; Magnus Fagerberg. Magnus also attended Monte this year for the first time with his very speciel paint style:

Again this year Ivan Hortal graced us with his creations and it was amazing to see:

A painter I have been following for quite a few years now was also pressen; Bohun, and he brough his own creations aswell as the enourmus dragon he painted for the sculptor; Karol Rudyk:

There were many more and I am sorry I cant mention everyone here. You find all the photos HERE.


torsdag den 22. november 2018

Monte San Savino 2018, a fuck of danes.

The day came and whent and oh what a day!

Yet again, Monte San Savino showed itself from one of its best side with sun, amazing food and drink, and lots and lots of wonderous models.

I didnt bring much this year, but I was happy with what I brought. My Catachan jungle charge featuring Colonel Ironhand Straken and Sergeant Harker has been a long way underway, here is the first picture.

We were a wopping 17 danes going this year

My own diorama brought me a bronce which I am very thankfull for.

My good friend Jakob Villien aka Pink Label Studio was at Monte for the first time and brought his A-game which resultet in a welldeserved gold in historical master!! Here is his entry for fantasy master painting.

Another of my friends Bent Ejaas aka Crazy Goblin miniatures brought his own sculpt for both the sculpting category and the ambient as well as entering standard painting with this merry band:

Kristian Simonsen, friend and aweinspiring pressense had brought what I believe is his best to date. I give you; Into Hell:

Torben Ryde was the man with the plan. He has slaved for untoled hours to creat a vision of something very special:

Thomas Coltau "powerfist" Bærentsen aka Coltau painting was also a first time participant of Monte, he too brought an amazing setup, he even sat friday morning painting before entering:

Andrew Wade wasnt a first time goer, but last year he didnt hear when they calleds his name as a silver winner in standard painting, so he was really happy when he was called this year for a medal in Master painting!

Mikkel Overballe was not rewarded last year with a medal but this year it was his time to shine:

Peder Bartholdy aka Demiurge Miniatures has for quite some time now sculpted some of the best models I have seen for a long while. Also he worked all the way to deadline in order to finish the last project before leaving for Monte:

Mads Seit was a first time goer aswell, but he came well prepared:

Christian Møgelberg Clausen, another of the first time danes, aimed high and found his level in master: 

Tue Kaae, the one and only, was barred from entering in the competition because he was a judge this year. He brought some models to display of course:

I was an amazing trip for the danes, Frederik also brought models but I must have misplaced the fotos somewhere, I'll show them some other time.

All my pictures from the trip, danes, not danes, models, everything: HERE.


fredag den 12. oktober 2018

Catachan jungle diorama feat colonel Ironhand Straken and sergent Harker

So, I wanted to do something I havnt done before and since I love working on diorama, the choise fell on a jungle diorama.

I have long wanted to paint the straken model, so he and his sergent would fight right into this diorama.

These is only the beginning, hope to get ready for the Monte San Savino show this november.

Lets see where it leads :D