fredag den 12. oktober 2018

Catachan jungle diorama feat colonel Ironhand Straken and sergent Harker

So, I wanted to do something I havnt done before and since I love working on diorama, the choise fell on a jungle diorama.

I have long wanted to paint the straken model, so he and his sergent would fight right into this diorama.

These is only the beginning, hope to get ready for the Monte San Savino show this november.

Lets see where it leads :D

fredag den 31. august 2018

Last known transmission received from Imperial inquisitional freighter II-225

Now, a while a go my friend Tue sculted an awesome model, WIP pictures on this blog also. He finaly got it cast, I finaly got it bought and in the end also painted. A great thanks to many of my painting friends but especially to Steffen aka The Damned Artificer for hours of help and guides and to Tue himself for supporting the project. It is my great piece to date, but in dimensions but also concerning the amount of work going into it and the end result. Here goes the tale of the mutant let loose

--++ Incomming transmission detected ++--

--++ Secure transmission established – Code: Inq-Ev-Alpha Tango Ekko. ++--

--++ Origin: Imperial inquisitional freighter II-225 ++--

--++ Mission classification: Officio assassinorum ++--

--++ Asset classification: Eversor ++--

--++ Designation: Carrying cargo for mechanicum test facility. ++--

--++ Destination: planet Lectio-47 ++--

--++ Transmission start: ++--

--++ Transmission 1 received: “Status report: Technical malfunction during warp translation. Eminent failure of cargo containment.” ++--

--++ Transmission 2 received: “Status report: Forced re-entry into realspace. Cargo containment systems experienced critical failure. Re-routing all available personnel in attempt to contain subject.” ++--

--++ Transmission 3 received: “Status report: Unable to contain target subject. Bridge has been sealed. In need if immediate assistance.” ++--

--++ Transmission end. ++--

Administratum note: Contact with Imperial Inquisitorial freighter II-225 lost. Launching search party. Note: Use extreme caution. Assistance of Astra Militarum is adviced.

It is said, that Imperial inquisitional freighter II-225 is still not recovered and is adrift in the warp....

Its been a while

So, yes it has been a while. I am been busy with my daughter Josefine, making preperations for mine and Cecilies wedding and other family stuff. I have painted a few models though. Here are 2 small funny models I had a lot of fun with.

The first is the evul rabbit sculpted by Michael Kontraros. You find his works on facebook and on his website.

The other model is a small hobbit knight sculted by Wiltrichs, you find his work on facebook and on Instagram. May I present to you: Sir Tenderloin McHam of the Ham order:


torsdag den 16. november 2017

Monte San Savino show 2017

It was truely amazing... again :D

I myself got 2 bronce medals. 1 for standard painting for my Nathaniel Garro model, and 1 for standard ambient. I will post proper pictures of my ambient entry as soon as possible.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

By Pawel Machuk aka Monstroy

By Mr. Ben Komets

By Ivan Hortal:

By Michael Pisarski / Lan Studio

By John Keys

Best of show:

By Peder Bartholdy / Demiurge Miniatures

Unknown artist:

By Steffen Jensen / The Damned Artificer

By Aleksandra Tana / Craftworld Studio

By Torben Ryde:

Unknown artist:

Giant MUMI project with a lot of different of some of the best painters in the world:

By Roman Gruba:

By Bent Ejaas / Crazy Goblin Minuatures:

Best of Fantasy by Tue Kaae:

Many many more pictures HERE

torsdag den 19. oktober 2017

Disney Infinity Hulkbuster for the Massive Voodoo Challange 2017

Quite a mouthfull to paint a model this size.

Yet again the MV boys has issued a challange and who can say no when its about painting kids toys :D

The challange was, to choose a model from the Disney Infinity game model range and paint that. Since those models are out of production, at least on the danish market, it was quite the challange to even get my hands on a model. I had to buy a batch of 13 to get the one I wanted... well, now I have a few more to paint if I like :D

I starte with coating it all metal and then started with thni layers of red and yellow. This way of painting is not new to me, but its new for me to use it on such large areas so the result was mixed but I live and learn.

onsdag den 16. august 2017

Nathaniel Garro, Hand of the Sigillite.

No need for a lot of text. An awesome model from Forgeworld I really enjoyed painting. Here are some pictures of the finished result.


Putty&Paint link

Chromanaut Dogme48 august

This last weekend, I participated in yet another Dogme48 even, again this time arranged by the Chromanaut team.

For those that arent familiar with the Dogme48 concept, its fairly simple: You get 48 hours to make a competition level entry from start to finish. There are no rules on what project you chose, that is intirely up to you. It is however advisable, that you chose something different from what you paint normally. The point is to try and see if we can push some bounderies and of course inspire and learn from eachother.

For this even I chose to do the Garro model from Forgeworld. While is is nothing new for me to paint GW/Forgeworld models, its been a very long time since I painted spacemarine armor, and I also wanted to try out a metal technique on a larger scale. So, there are some progress pictures of both mine and some of the other participants projects. The finished result comes later.

About to begin:

Out of the box and prepped for painting:

First layers: Metal via airbrush + gold and black from brush :

Shading and highlighting all over, the long process helped a great deal by the old expert, Tue Kaae:

Other projrects.
Torben from the Chromanaut team:

Bo from the Chromanaut team:

My friend Bent from Crazy Goblin Miniatures:

Mads from the Chromanaut team:

Foreign guest star, John from Sweeden, part of the Sweedish painting community:

Christian from the Chromanaut team:

Note: These are all WIP pictures. There will be a post about the end results on Chromanauts website soon.

Almost finished Garro:

Better pictures soon.