torsdag den 16. februar 2012

Painting elves

Hello there. Its been a while, hope everyone has been having a good time since last :D

This month started out in Sweden where I had fun skiing with some friends. We whent to Lofsdalen which turned out to be quite a good place for alpine skiing... and snowboarding in my case.

Here we are, eager to get started (me on the furthest right.)

Going up there:

I also got some videos from some of the blues and greens down the last part of the mountain. You find them on my Youtube profile here.

Anyway, a few days before we went to Sweden, a friend of mine contacted me. He asked if I could paint a few minis for his nephew. I always like a challenge and since these weren't going to be the usual dwarfs I said yes. They are due to be delivered tomorrow and I finished a few minutes ago. There were few wishes as how to paint them. I even got a drawing how he wanted one of them:

So here are the results:

First off, a wardancer mini by GW, supposed to look more like an assassin. I wanted all the colours to dark, but still, I wanted there to be some colours so it wasn't grey on black all of it. The inside of the cloak got a leather brown and the clothing a dark red with a black wash and then blood red highlights in the end. My friend wanted the skin dark, but the rest of the mini was already very dark. So instead of making the entire mini very dark I painted the skin in style with most elves; pale skin colour, but with a bit of grey in it:

Second was Thranduil mini by GW. He was supposed to look like a wanderer so I chose some Natural colour but still with more flash then the assassin. I did some testing with a red was on the sash and the staff. (unfortunetly the staff was badly bend when I received the mini so it looks a bit crooked. Tried to straighten it out but it was impossible to get it totally straight.):

The last mini is the Erestor mini also by GW. I realy like the mini, great pose, simple figure yet detailed where is matters. I doent like the way GW has painted it though. Golden armour just looks crap (imo). I tried to make it clear is was a harder metal, but with a thinned brown wash gave it some shading and colouring together with the blue main colour. For a bit of contrast I gav ethe loincloth, swords and sash a thinned red wash:

I have satisfied with the result, though the wardancer was a hell to paint. With no colour on it near impossible to see what's supposed to be what.

I dont know if I get to paint more this month. Prob cant keep my fingers away from a few dwarfs.

Till next time. Take care.