onsdag den 29. maj 2013

Gotrek & Felix Vol. 4: Gotrek Gurnisson

The final piece in my Gotrek and Felix puzzle has finally been finished. Gotrek Gurnisson:

He was a joy to paint and thus I am finally done painting Gotrek and Felix with their friends. Next post will be a group picture and the start of making the diorama.

torsdag den 23. maj 2013

Painting competition entry

Its been a while since last post. Not because things have been standing still but because I've been busy painting my entry to the afor mentioned painting competition themed: Monster

Here goes:

onsdag den 1. maj 2013

paintingcompetitiontime... thats a long word :D

A new painting competition has been announced and I am planning to participate. the theme is "monsters" which is a quit large category but lets see whats going to happen. Planning to participate with a Minotaur I just had put together.

Here is the LINK

Every one is welcome, cheers.