lørdag den 14. juli 2012

Painting powerfist - The Grand Finale vol 2

For my second netry I entered the single miniature medium level competition with this, Snorry Nosebiter from the Gotret and Felix novels. Hope you like it because I loved painting it. Miniatures in a very static pose CAN be a very striking miniature, however I like it better when there is movement and a clear intent in the miniature. Here goes:

My entry for the open category was the diorama you see below of a lizard shaman facing off versus a goblin warlord on squig.

Take care.

Painting powerfist - The Grand Finale vol. 1

Well, the deadline is over and the pictures have been revealed on the powerfist forum.

I have entered the open category with this diorama of a lizard shaman fighting a golin on a squig.

A diorama I am faily happy with myself. I love the two miniatures in them selves. They are full of character and looks like hell-bent on killing the opponent. I tried to arrange them in a position to really signify this was taking right out of the middle of a battlefield. I am not quit happy with the "beams" but it has to make due for now untill I get better or find out how it should be done instead.

My second entry Was Snorry Nosebiter as seen in the topic above.

onsdag den 11. juli 2012

Painting Powerfist vol 4.

So, a few weeks ago I was done with my diorama and today, on the last day before the competition I finished by entry for the single miniature category. I am not going to show the intire mini just yet, but here is a small taste from both my entries:

I'll show the two entries in their entirety when the competition is over. Till then, wish my luck. Looks like I am going to need it when seeing what other people have been brewing on.