søndag den 28. september 2014

Imperial preacher... and a Troll! :D

Its been summer, and I've been absolutely inactive when it comes to painting stuff. Anyways, I have managed to paint very little and last weekend a friend of mine came over from Copenhagen and we had a blast with out paintbrushes :D

I finally got to finish the troll I've been painting for a friend. Please mind that the base is not done. My friend wants to do the base himself so that part you have to imagine yourself. Here goes:

I am looking forward to seeing the troll rejoining his folk.

Another "commission" is an imperial preacher. Miniatures from when I was a kid and its really awesome. It has a few mistakes in the cast but hey, thats part of the charm.

Hope you all enjoy. A special thanks to Kristian and Bent, for helping me advance a few steps with these models.