mandag den 17. december 2012

Twice the prize!

*Warning, may contain spoilers*

2 things happened yesterday. (yes only 2, the rest was spend on the couch with hangovers)

1) I went to see The Hobbit and discovered its only part 1 of 3 and its 3 hours long ... yes call me noob and stuff, but my days of extreme nerding is over I am happy to say. The Lord of the Rings 1 was released on my birthday and I came to the premier with my friends dressed in elf clothing... those days are over. I liked the movie. There was a few points of the movie I wasn't satisfied with, especially the voice of the goblin king and how easily he was killed. Also, the dark dark caves where Bilbo meets Goloum the first time was NOT very dark in the movie. Now is only the agonizing wait for the next part >_<

 2) Best model of the year was sculpted and painted by a danish guy named Morten. He has allowed me to post a few pictures of his model here. Enjoy:

A giant applause and congratulations goes out to Morten from me on a fantastically live and dynamic sculpt and a paintjob different from anything ells. If you find this sculpt, which is a one-off, interesting, take a look at his Trolls

tirsdag den 11. december 2012

group photos

I have quite a few projects in the pipeline right now, I wasnted to take a few pictures of 2 of the projects I've managed to get the furthest with so far.

The first project didnt start out as a project but I discovered I had painted a group of minies that fitted well together as an inquisitorial warband =I=

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you Witchhunter inquisitor Tyrus and retinue:

The group consists of:
Tyrus himself, ready to purge the impure.
Imperial preacher Kyrinov of the holy imperial church
Redeemer and Malekev. Devotees of the imperial cult and burners of heratics.
Noname the silent. Spreading the word of the inquisition and incinerating anyone in his way.
Finaly, last AND least, Bob the helmet bearer :)

Plan is to place these in a heretic infested invironment, such as... lets say a lower hive city!? :D

Another project I am working on is The White pirate Dwarf, together with Long Drong and his slayer pirates:

Plans are to place these rough fellas on an island of their own in a near future.

Any ideas to these projects are welcome of course.

lørdag den 1. december 2012

Novembers work

This months work contains a Dark Angel Company master, Witch hunter Inquisitor Gideon Lorr and 2 wonderful dwarfs.

The Dark Angel company master was quite the handful to paint. I am new to painting powerarmor, but that wasn't the hardest part. The banner and all the flat areas I am to try and make more alive was really a test to my skills. Hope you think it worked out. Originally the model comes with a head with huuuuge wings, just like GW likes them, but I found that a bit too silly and swaped the head for another spacemarine head. I chose this head for 2 reasons. 1) I like painting skin and so this was my chance. 2) I think a helmet makes for a much less striking miniature and also a much less personal miniature. Hope you enjoy.

I must apologies for the bad queslity pictures, I just have to buy a new camera. Also, I am sorry for not being able to post any pictures of Gideon Lorr... well I could but they were all out of focus >_< no idea whats going on... my be some inqiositorial gadget that prevents sneaking spies from taking pictures of the inquisitor...

torsdag den 29. november 2012

Why I should live in Norway

Today its started snowing... by the way this post is going to be completely devoid of anything warhammer related... Its that kind of snow that is actually snow as long as its in the air, large puffy lumps, but as soon as it hits the ground ... they just disappear. At first you get really exited by seen snow, then you get disappointed to see it all vanish, and the brown dirt getting more and more mushy and less and less white and hard >_<

So I though, I should live in Norway and here is why:

1) They have snow and lots of it. Me and my snowboard would love that!
2) Norwegian girls and some of the most pretty ;)
3)With all them billions of dollars they fish up from their oil rigs, they have cheap gaz and I love cars... that run on gaz ;)
4) Also related to the oil is their tax free months... those I like aswell.

That it, mum and dad, why didnt you move move to Norway when I was small? I blame you!

Enough ranting from me, take care everyone, its slippery out there (at least if you are in Denmark)

tirsdag den 27. november 2012

Witch hunter Inquisitor Gideon Lorr

Almost at the end of the month and I am almost done with the monthly painting. Its been a bit slow this month due to personal stuff. Here is a small teaser, WIP Gideon Lorr.

Cheers til next time.

mandag den 22. oktober 2012

Dark Eldar Incubi

I finished the work-in-progress dark eldar incubi from my previous post. A joy painting something different, though the resin cast had alot of failcasts :( 

I really enjoyed painthing this mini. I've wanted to paint one of these for quite some time and a friend of mine didnt mind me painting one for him.  Also on this mini I could really play with techniques and I felt like I learned something all the way through the process.

Hope you enjoy it.

mandag den 15. oktober 2012

Painting madness weekend vol. 2

2 other minies I worked on during the weekend. The last pirate dwarf and a dark eldar I am painting for a friend.

And then the darkeldar I am painting for a friend. I was given free reigns with the colour and went for a safe bet; red, gold and white. Here is work in progress so far.

Thats it for this weekend, lets see how it turns out :D

Weekend og painting madness

Hello everyone

This weekend a friend and I had arranged a small get together to get some painting done and have a relaxing weekend. Usually, my photo gear is something I have in the closet untill the miniature is painted. Then I set up the gear, take pictures of the finished product and then stow it away again. This weekend I had the gear set up while I was painting and so got to take some work-in-progress pictures. First its my first Bloodbowl miniature in a very long time; Griff Oberwald.

First few steps.
Chaos black spray basecoat and metals

The metal is base of boltgun metal. After that I wash it with a 50/50 mix of badab black and devlan mud. After that a light drybrush layer of boltgun metal and then highlighted with mithril silver.

The gold I base with a calthan brown mixed 50/50 with mechrite red. After the base I give it a light layer of brazen brass. First highlight is with burnished gold, second highlight is shining gold and lastly a few dots of mithril silver. seems to be working properly again so here goes again.

Green was base with dark angel green. Adding Gnarloc green and later scorpion green. In the end a but of green wash was added.

I still hadn't decided on how to paint the ball and the gloves and boots. Since the ball would be brown/red I though it would blend too much into each other if the gloves was brown as well.

So the gloves I gave a light grey, in stark contrast to the red/brown of the ball. Only brown is then the straps holding his armor in place.

Only need the text on the should and the grass on the base now.

C&C welcom as usual.


tirsdag den 2. oktober 2012

Monthly work

This months batch of painted minies contains none other than the Imperial commissar Yarick himself! Together with him I've painted another of my pirate dwarfs for my Long Drong diorama. Finally, I've painted my first miniature from the Runic miniatures range and spend quite some time on it since its a whole new world to me.

Here goes:

My first Runic Miniatures mini:

and last, my second to last pirate dwarf:

Cheers till next time.