mandag den 15. februar 2016

Deadpool, best movie of 2016

Last time I had cramps in my abs from laughing... I think its 10 years a go.
Last time I had tears rolling down my face from laughter..... probably also 10 years a go.
On that basis, I will go as far as saying, that deadpool is the best movie this entire year. Sure there will be other good movie, no doubt about that, this is just the movie that has brought me the best entertainment for a long time and therefore I am betting: a long time to come also.

See it, doesnt matter who you are, just see it. You might not like it afterwards, at least you have seen it and had the possibility to make you opinion.

See it!

More powerfist Vol. 2

So, the first model of Tue Kaaes powerfist guy has now been painted and and and... I finally got mine.

First, I'll show you the finished version of the model, painted by Kyle, the man behind Mr. Lee's Painting Imporium.

More pictures on Mr. Lee's Painting Imporium.

However, I also recieved mine.

Its delivered in a small hard plastic box, great for fragile resin models. There where almost no moldlines and the fitting is superb. I cleaned it and stickytacked it together.

So now, its all about playing with the brush :D