tirsdag den 27. august 2013

Work of the weekend: spacemarines

This last weekend I spend together with a good friend of mine, you might have heard of him, he is builder of titans and other awesome miniatures: The Damned Artificer. We had saturday and sunday at his place just painting and having a good time.

Here are a few pictures of what I spend my time on, better pictures later.

WIP dark angel, conversion from Forge world Lugft Huron:

An old spacewolf runepriest I've had for 10 - 15 years:

For a while I've been wanting to make a captain out of different bits, jsut the way I like, TDA helped me doing so:

Better pictures soon (hopefully :D )

onsdag den 14. august 2013

Games day 2013 Köln entries

This was my first Games Day where I entered models and here is what I brought. I didn't expect to even get a finalist pin, and I didn't, but it was totally the trip worth it. I met so many nice people from all over Europe and I received so much positive criticism and got so much inspiration from other peoples pieces. 

Also, a thing I noticed how nicely everyone transported their miniatures so yesterday I bought this for future transport:

The Gotrek and Felix diorama was my "masterpiece" so here goes:


mandag den 12. august 2013

Golden Demon 2013 Germany

No that I have any chance of winning anything, but I when anyway and I have absolutely no regrets. Saturday we spend at the hotel together with other painters from the rest of the world and it was a wonder to behold. I'll post better pictures of my own entries later, but right here a link to the pictures I took during the weekend.



mandag den 5. august 2013

Gotrek and Felix, the last effort

I have been putting this off for waaay too long... unfortunately, and now I am kicking myself in the buttocks for not starting earlier. Anyways, I am now well on the way and I'll do everything possible to be finished till Games day Germany where I'll participate, hopefully with this diorama. I wont win anything I know, but its still awesome to be there and to see your mini in those display cases.

Here are som progress pictures.