mandag den 30. april 2012

Arrrgggg man the cannons

Ahoy matey

Today's post is in the constellation of the pirate (as I predict a few more posts will be)

Long Drong and his slayer pirates are closing in from the sea. Here comes the first wild bunch.

As we all know, pirates have lots of rythm.

And finally the fearless leader; Long Drong himself. (with his trusted parrot on the shoulder)

And last but not least; the familyphoto :D

I have 5 more scary pirates waiting to be painted so more pirates are incoming.


fredag den 27. april 2012

The Avengers

Today I saw The Avengers. It was amazing to say the least. The movie was the right length, with lots of variation, stepping up action in small steps through the film. To the end. Its unpredictable in all those small places where, I often guess the next line /action. The action was overwhelming and the story actually better than I'd expect.

Its a movie I will advice anyone to see and especially to see it in the cinema. The big screen really helps it packing an extra punch.

onsdag den 25. april 2012

ACTA has died

The European parleament has rejected the ACTA proposal. Just heard it in the news today. More info here.

lørdag den 21. april 2012

I recently bought 2 spots and a tripod for my camera. Today I set it all up and played a bit with the lighting. Here goes.

and a last one where I turned down the lighting a bit. I like the three first one better though.

Also, I changed ISP so now, instead of crappy 8/1 speed I have 30/30.. on the paper. I just tested it 2 seconds ago and the result is 36/61 YEAH! This is going to be awesome.

tirsdag den 3. april 2012

Rough "finecast"

Yes this is going to be a rant... so if you are in the mood for more models you wont get your fix from this post.

As most of you are aware, Games workshop launched their new range in "plastic" or resin as its more correctly called. Games workshop claims this new material enables them to make miniatures in even greater detail and at the same time make the model more easy to sculpt and convert yet still maintain the strength like a metal miniature.

I have now bought 4 resin models. 2 of which haven been reimbursed since the first I got was too horribly disfigured. (notice I write "too" because for some reason people, my self included, tend to accept miniatures when they are "only" horribly disfigured as long as they are resin)

First I bought the White Dwarfs subscription in a box with the pirate dwarf. There was plenty of burst air bobbles in the miniature creating deep craters both on, what was supposed to be, smooth surfaces and on sharp edges making them.... anything but sharp...

The second was the Rogue Trader 25 year anniversary Crimson Fist spacemarine.  This one was ALMOST without any errors. Still, considering the standard we come from with metal, where the only problems was a bend staff or the likes, which was easily  mended.

Then I bought the Forgeworld Khorne daemon prince. I haven't been through all the pieces yet but so far only a few little errors have been found.

Last miniature I purchased in Citadel "fine"cast is the Vlad von Carstein miniature. Again the mini was stricken by a bad case of bobble disease when I received it and I had to have another. Still, the second which I was "satisfied" with has loads more errors than any metal mini I've ever bought.

At some point, Games Workshop released "liquid greenstuff". Intended for "repairing" holes and small gabs in miniatures... strange isn't it? How they release a perfect solution to a problem they themselves have created? Weird how they can allow them selves to make miniatures in much worse condition than before and still sell them just because its a "new technology" and the miniatures are more expensive and supposedly more detailed. However, with more detailed they mean the details are thinner, bordering to breaking when trying to paint them.

Well, they are here to stay, that I am pretty sure of. Games Workshop must have found a way to save money in the budgets by using more resin. That's the only explanation for them to start producing these resin casts.  We can only hope they refine the way they produce the miniatures and that this results in fewer of the miniatures being miscasts.

Enough of my rambling. By next miniatures are going to be Long Drong and a few of his slayer pirates. Also, I am working on Harry the hammer in steps so I'll try to get a bit more layers in him during this month.

Till next time, take care.