torsdag den 27. oktober 2011

Project Tyrus 5 Final call

After much debate on powerfist,  I ended up with painting the tubings on Tyrus a mixture between gray and brown with som wash in it. After that a few layers of glosh varnish was applied. Also the knife was finished and in the end a base was added (forgot to paint the buttom rim black befor I took the pictures.. sry)

The Purity seal is my first ever home made... and its made out of greenstuff I had spare after working on the "harry the Hammer" project, so its a bit big. (and not painted properly aswell)

All comments are welcome (prefered positiv of course)

Just a bit of music

While painting, I love listening to music. Music varies alot in my taste, here is a new piece I like to listen to these days.

Here is another quite amazing piece (both themusic and the video) 

torsdag den 20. oktober 2011

Project Tyrus 4

I almost cant keep my hands off him now and I have to beat some sense into myself and go to bed. Long day and weekend tomorrow. I did get some work done though, here goes:

I can almost see I am getting better at the blending... or maby its just me not trying to hurry it along. I realy want to be done, but I also like working on him. Anyway, hope you like what you see, I like it imensly! C&C more than welcome.

Whats missing:
Tubes and wires.
finishing thouches
entourage 1
entourage 2
(maby add more)

and then I'll have myself a witch hunter band :D

onsdag den 19. oktober 2011

What is ahead

I am hoping to one day be done with all my miniatures... on the other hand.. what would I do then?

Anyway, here is a picture of my army as it "stands" (my cat has knocked over a few)

oh yeah then I have a skaven bloodbowl team and a Van Saar gange I want to finish painging aswell.

For new I need to finish my Tyrus. More that later.

mandag den 17. oktober 2011

Project Tyrus 3

got the trim and the face done, + some details.

next is the shoulders, the accesories and finishing touches.

torsdag den 13. oktober 2011

Project Tyrus 2

Here goes again. Got some more layers on Tyrus.

Finally got the picture right. Been working solely on his armor. Highlighting towards orange. Still al ong way to go. Trim should be the next and I am going for metal/silver.

mandag den 10. oktober 2011

The holy Trio

The White Dwarf, Gotrek Gurnisson and the legend Josef Bugman together in unison:

Witch hunter Tyrus

My largest project to date. I have had the inquisitor scaled model laying around for many years now. I have been wondering how to paint him, so he looks just as cool as the Games Workshop of him, but with my own colourscheme.

Witch hunter Tyrus WIP:

Also, adding a henchmen to his entourage:

Later I will add a helmet bearer and a few fanatics also know as "The Redeemer and his sidekick Malekev"

The Black Library

Not only the painting of miniatures are interesting to me. I read and have read alot of the books published by Games Workshop partner-in-crime; The Black Library. A few years back I wrote them and asked if there was any kind of existing Horus heresy encyclopedia. Well they never answered, not the first mail and not the second mail... but then came the series of books; The Horus Heresy and me questions was answered.

So far I have bought all the books in the series and I am planning to get the rest aswell. I have even bought 2 of the audiobooks. I find the audiobooks REALY expensive conpared to the length of the story you get. They are very good stories, but only lasts for about 30 minutes and costs the same as a book with severel hours of intertainment. Black Library has also stated that these audiobooks will not be published as ordinary books at a later date. I believe this is because they have spend so much money, on known acters to be the storytellers of the audiobooks, they are forcedto have a great sell of the CDs to make sure to make a profit. If they were to announce the stories would come in stores as paperback novells aswell people would buy those instead.

The last Blick Librabry book I've gnawed my way through is the "Iron Hands" by Jonathan Green

Its a fantastic story which realy goes to show just how much knowledge is lost to the empire of man, since the Horus Heresy. Without revealing too much I can tell you this story contains Titans.... LOTS of them :)
The book though is marred by alot of typoes and sentences which you can see have been edited but someone has forgotten to add/remove a word so the sentence doesnt make sense at all. Fortunetly I find books from Black Library generally cheap, so re-reading a sentence here and there is ok for me. It is obviously though, that the editor of this book hasnt spend as much time on this project as the Horus Heresy project.

More short reviews to come.

Questions, questions, questions...

Oh the world is full of questions. What to eat... what education to get, what to paint what not to paint ...

My "problem" is the multitude of awesome minies I have collected over a long range of years. All those years when I have been interested in painting, but never gotten around to actually doing anything about it, I have kept buying minies when I found one I liked. So, I have mannaged to get my claws in some of the, in my oppinion, most awesome minies there is on the market (keep in mind I am still a novice on the miniature world , so my scale largely consists of Games Workshop miniatures.

One of those, my all time favourit gunslinger, Kal Jerico has found his way to some paint.

And his loyal sidekick; Scabbs.

They can be use for the Games Workshop game; Necromunda. Its one of the best games, in my oppinion and have a Van Saar gang I will try to post some pictures of later.

My go at Gameday 2006 miniature

After 6-7 years of break from painting, this is my first painted mini. Its the Games Day 2006 miniature and I love it... I mean.... how can you not love a dwarf standing on top of a freshly chopped off daemonhead ?! I like it, alot, thats for sure and I love the outcome too.

First of firsts

Hello everyone (which by now is noone)

My unierse, is a multitude of colors, sounds and shapes. I like it colourfull and I like variation. That is also the reason why I do alot of different stuff in my sparetime.

Mainly I collect and paint warhammer figures. Both fantasy and 40k. I havnt played a game for a realy long time, mainly because I am realy bad at it. I'll use this blog to show some of my creations and ideas that will, hopefully, come to fruition.

I started collecting warhammer miniatures back in 1996 and together with a friend from schoole we collected a dwarf army (back in hero hammer; WS8 & T6 Runelord)

In 2000 I whent to a boardingschoole for a year and didnt realy paitn all that year. When I got home I tried to start again but was more into live role playing and making roleplaying weapons and gadgets with the same friend I had collected warhammer with previously.

2004; My friend and I moves to Aarhus together with some other friends and the next 7 years I've been spending more of my time on working and sports, and my miniatures have been left in the suitcase.

2011:  I was browsing and ramdomly saw an add on GWs website that the sales for this years Games Day had started. During the last 7 years I've felt like painting lots of times. But since it has been too much work to break open the treasure-chest for maby just a few hours painting, I've never gotten around to it. Anyway, I though to myself, this is it. IØf I ever wanna get started painting miniatures again now is the time. I bought a ticket and whent with some of the other nerds from Denmark.

Here is my album with pictures from 2011 games day.

At the same time I started being more active on a forum I joined a loooong time ago: Powerfist, with loads of friendly hobby enthusiasts hang out and have fun exchanging ideas and stories. They have helped me get started with painting again I have participated in my first ever painting competition: "mal en ork". Here is my entry: picture1 & 2