mandag den 10. oktober 2011

The Black Library

Not only the painting of miniatures are interesting to me. I read and have read alot of the books published by Games Workshop partner-in-crime; The Black Library. A few years back I wrote them and asked if there was any kind of existing Horus heresy encyclopedia. Well they never answered, not the first mail and not the second mail... but then came the series of books; The Horus Heresy and me questions was answered.

So far I have bought all the books in the series and I am planning to get the rest aswell. I have even bought 2 of the audiobooks. I find the audiobooks REALY expensive conpared to the length of the story you get. They are very good stories, but only lasts for about 30 minutes and costs the same as a book with severel hours of intertainment. Black Library has also stated that these audiobooks will not be published as ordinary books at a later date. I believe this is because they have spend so much money, on known acters to be the storytellers of the audiobooks, they are forcedto have a great sell of the CDs to make sure to make a profit. If they were to announce the stories would come in stores as paperback novells aswell people would buy those instead.

The last Blick Librabry book I've gnawed my way through is the "Iron Hands" by Jonathan Green

Its a fantastic story which realy goes to show just how much knowledge is lost to the empire of man, since the Horus Heresy. Without revealing too much I can tell you this story contains Titans.... LOTS of them :)
The book though is marred by alot of typoes and sentences which you can see have been edited but someone has forgotten to add/remove a word so the sentence doesnt make sense at all. Fortunetly I find books from Black Library generally cheap, so re-reading a sentence here and there is ok for me. It is obviously though, that the editor of this book hasnt spend as much time on this project as the Horus Heresy project.

More short reviews to come.

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