mandag den 10. oktober 2011

Questions, questions, questions...

Oh the world is full of questions. What to eat... what education to get, what to paint what not to paint ...

My "problem" is the multitude of awesome minies I have collected over a long range of years. All those years when I have been interested in painting, but never gotten around to actually doing anything about it, I have kept buying minies when I found one I liked. So, I have mannaged to get my claws in some of the, in my oppinion, most awesome minies there is on the market (keep in mind I am still a novice on the miniature world , so my scale largely consists of Games Workshop miniatures.

One of those, my all time favourit gunslinger, Kal Jerico has found his way to some paint.

And his loyal sidekick; Scabbs.

They can be use for the Games Workshop game; Necromunda. Its one of the best games, in my oppinion and have a Van Saar gang I will try to post some pictures of later.

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