onsdag den 20. november 2013

The weekends work at a trip to Horisont Silkeborg

This weekend I went to a danish convention in Silkeborg; Horisont. It's a convention about all the different board games and miniature wargames out there. Of course there are people present that knows about Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k, but those games are actually not represented the whole weekend... besides from be painting Games Workshop miniatures.

Its a weekend where a lot of people bring a lot of different games and present them to anyone interested. Its cheap to participated and you can try all the games you like. There is almost everything from Star Trek board games, over 2nd WW games to historical battles between crusaders and arabs from the dark ages.

I like watching other people playing games, but I really suck at playing strategic games and also, I dont feel like I benefit from playing a game when the host is telling me everything I need to do. So I'd rahter see people who know the game play it, and when I didnt do that during the weekend, I was painting on my toddler Russ and other projects. Here goes:

In the breaks between painting the toddler, I worked on my kitbashed black templer assault captain. He is still not completely done but here at some WIP pictures:

Now, I just stated I am bad at playing games... well I am but I do find a few of them fun to play. One of them is Blood Bowl. I have a skaven team, but when a friend asked if I wanted to join a league, and couldnt pick skaven because he was going to play that team, I chose the trusty dwarfs. I dont have a dwarf team but my friend had recently bought a dwarf team and as a thanks I've started to paint a few of them:

Let me hear what you think. Cheers

tirsdag den 5. november 2013

News in the mail

This is a short update. I've been painting quite some, but havnt really been been paying attention to the rest of the hobby beside from playing bloodbowl.

Today however, I received a pakadge in the mail look at this:

Never thought I'd be this happy to see such a tiny wacky miniature. I look forward to painting little Russ here. Till next time.