torsdag den 29. november 2012

Why I should live in Norway

Today its started snowing... by the way this post is going to be completely devoid of anything warhammer related... Its that kind of snow that is actually snow as long as its in the air, large puffy lumps, but as soon as it hits the ground ... they just disappear. At first you get really exited by seen snow, then you get disappointed to see it all vanish, and the brown dirt getting more and more mushy and less and less white and hard >_<

So I though, I should live in Norway and here is why:

1) They have snow and lots of it. Me and my snowboard would love that!
2) Norwegian girls and some of the most pretty ;)
3)With all them billions of dollars they fish up from their oil rigs, they have cheap gaz and I love cars... that run on gaz ;)
4) Also related to the oil is their tax free months... those I like aswell.

That it, mum and dad, why didnt you move move to Norway when I was small? I blame you!

Enough ranting from me, take care everyone, its slippery out there (at least if you are in Denmark)

tirsdag den 27. november 2012

Witch hunter Inquisitor Gideon Lorr

Almost at the end of the month and I am almost done with the monthly painting. Its been a bit slow this month due to personal stuff. Here is a small teaser, WIP Gideon Lorr.

Cheers til next time.