torsdag den 19. oktober 2017

Disney Infinity Hulkbuster for the Massive Voodoo Challange 2017

Quite a mouthfull to paint a model this size.

Yet again the MV boys has issued a challange and who can say no when its about painting kids toys :D

The challange was, to choose a model from the Disney Infinity game model range and paint that. Since those models are out of production, at least on the danish market, it was quite the challange to even get my hands on a model. I had to buy a batch of 13 to get the one I wanted... well, now I have a few more to paint if I like :D

I starte with coating it all metal and then started with thni layers of red and yellow. This way of painting is not new to me, but its new for me to use it on such large areas so the result was mixed but I live and learn.