tirsdag den 30. april 2013

Warmachine / Horde commision

I have been looking for a cool Warmachine / Hordes miniature to paint now for a while. I was asked to paint Baldur and I think its a wonderful miniature. Here you go.

søndag den 21. april 2013

Painting madness Vol. 1

I spent this weekend doing what I like the most (after sex and eating) painting models.

This months challange on Powerfist forum is the theme: Metal. So I found a model I could use for my first attempt of NMM. Here goes:

As mentioned, this is my first attempt at NMM and I think it whent fairly well. Comments are welcome.

torsdag den 18. april 2013

Gotrek & Felix Vol. 4 - Felix Jaeger

Well, latest adition to the Gotrek and Felix family is Felix Jaeger himself. Here goes.

In case you are wondering, the marks on the cape are supposed to look like wholes in the cape. Its the first time I've ever tried this technique so I hope it worked... in hindsight this might be the wrong model to try out a new technique :)

Also, got some better pictures taken of Ulrika. Enjoy.

mandag den 15. april 2013

fredag den 12. april 2013

Picture of the day

A little group picture of Felix, Snorri, Max and Ulrika. Felix is just missing a few touchups and then its down to gotrek!

torsdag den 4. april 2013

Black Moon Chronicles OOP and rare miniatures.

I have been collecting the Black Moon Chronicles comic series for many years now. The danish comic industry is rather small and it sometimes takes many years for already released versions to find their way to the danish market. I have managed to collect them all and so a few years ago, when I found out that a small french company, called Ilyad games, had produced a lot of models from the Black Moon Chronicles, I just had to have them. Unfortunately the company has been out of busyness for quite some years now and the models are rather rare and out of production. They can be found on ebay occasionally but are rather expensive.  I found a contact on Ebay who had most of the models and we negotiated an agreeable price. Yesterday when I came home from work there was a package waiting for me. I was happy like a child at christmas when I opened the parcel.

Here is what I got:
Ghorgor Bey
Haazel Thorn
Prince Parsifal
Guard from the Black moon legion
A guarde from the order of justice
One of Ghorgoy Beys officers GUEULE D'ACIER

(And some of these miniatures are models I expected never to be able to see IRL, let alone ever own them)

I am so excited and looking forward to paint these models in the near future.