torsdag den 31. maj 2012

Long drong pirates

Yarrrr here be pirates... again

These are my latest addition to my host of slayerpirates lead by the fearsome  Drong the Slayer pirate.

Here are the latest 2 slayers.

Next I am going to spend more time on my lizard vs squig project.


mandag den 14. maj 2012

Painting powerfist vol 2

So here goes. The first part of my first Painting Powerfist entry. This is a part of my diorama.

As always C&C are welcome.

Lizard is soon to come.

onsdag den 9. maj 2012

Painting Powerfist

Hello everyone :)

The warhammer forum,, is arrangeing a "large" painting competition called Painting Powerfist. They have a monthly smaller painting competition with no other reward than the right to choose the next months painting theme. This one now is something els.  There are currently aproximatly 40 applications distributed over 2 categories; single miniature and diorama.

I have applied for both categories and hope I will be done with both in time. Last dato for the judges to have recieved the entry is 11th july.

I am planning an entry in the diorama category with a squig rider I bought a few months ago facing off versus a skink shaman.

For the single miniature category I have still not decided so if anyone has a suggestion I'll listen.

Till next time cheers.