tirsdag den 1. oktober 2013

Finishing "lugft Huron"

This weekend I had arranged a meeting between some of denmarks, in my opinion, best painters... and then me :D It was wonderful to meet new nerds, talking about nerdy stuff and painting models all weekend. I had my Lugft Huron converset I set out to finish and then also do some work on some of my dwarfs and a single small commision.

I'd like to tank specially The Damned Artificer for help with my conversion to a dark angel:

There might be a few places to touch up but It a miniature I've been working on while quite a while and I am rather happy with the result.

I also got some work off on my dwarfs, unfortunately the pictures were taken very late in the evening and some of them arent too good.

The slayer is a touchup from many years ago:

In the end I also a a small gobbo which needed some paint: