fredag den 30. marts 2012

Pirates and gunners

I finally got something painted this month. I've been out most weekends and I've also been busy with my new hobby; playing with hardball weapons aka softair weapons.

My goal for this week was The White Dwarf pirate model I received recently + 2 thunderers. Again I must apologise for the lighting.

Also, I took the few few steps in my Harry the hammer project.

Only a fast update since I am currently on my way to Copenhagen for the Top Gear show.


torsdag den 1. marts 2012


Hello there

I have recently purchased a lightbox. People kept complaining the pictures on the blog wasn't good enough so I thought that might help. It is rather expensive for a 45x45 cm collapsible contraption of metal rings and thin cloth, but it seems like it works. Here are the first pictures taken. Most of them, if not all have already been posted so these pictures are just to show the lighting.

All of these pictures were taken with sunlight on 1 side of the box and a mirror reflecting sunlight on the other side. Going to post how it looks with ordinary 40w lamps soon.

For the Danish audience I have a poll running at the danish Powerfist forum about what I should paint next. Looks like its going to be the new pirate white dwarf. Also, today I recieved the 25th anniversary crimson fist miniature. Looking forward to be posting pictures of that soon.

Till then, take care.