tirsdag den 30. juli 2013

Elves, powerfists and dwarfs

Well, its summer and everyone are busy going to the beach and being anywhere else than inside painting, including me. Been on a weeks "vacation" and vacation is in quotation marks because there wasn't much relaxation during my so called vacation. I worked from saturday till sunday the following week on a musicfestival I've helped start up 7 years ago and even though it was a bomb of a party, it still was hard work (unpayed) You can have a look at small fun festival here: www.faellestival.dk

I've painted a few minies though. These are not part of any larger projects and so the quality might reflect that, but good news is in from the competition where I entered my minotaur; I won :D yey. Its a fairly small competition that might grow in the near future but I got the first win and I am very happy with that. You can find the organizers youtube profile HERE.

Some "huge amazing" news also: the danish miniature painting and gaming forum "Powerfist" has its 10th year anniversary and in that occasion they arranged a "small" painting competition with the theme: "Powerfist (wow I'd never guessed that ;) ) and a lot of people felt like entering powerfist wielding models. Since I mostly collect fantasy models I was in a bit of a problem with powerfist wielding models around, but a fellow nerd, Zkotte, from the forum sent me a free model which I mannaged to paint just befor deadline and even scored a few votes. The winner of the competition was none other than our own danish wonderboy, the man who brings home the swords: Jakob Rune Nielsen.You can see the total line HERE but I am taken the liberty of posting the winning entry and my own here on my blog. Enjoy:

The winning model themed "powerfist" converted and painted by Jakob Nielsen.

And here is my own entry: