torsdag den 8. juni 2017

Golden Demon 2017 and The Fang

So, 14 days a go I traveled to England together with some good friends to participate in the new revived Golden Demon painting competition. Kristian Simonsen, Tue Kaae, Torben Ryde and I met with John Keys and stayed at his place the whole saturday before going to the Warhammerfest sunday where the Golden Demon competition occured.

HERE is a link to my gallery for the weekend.

A few pictures:

My own entry into Open Competition. Got a Finalist pin.

One of my amazing competiters from Open Competition:

Karol Rudyk, from Karol Rudyk Arts amazing Chaos knight:

A sneak peak of what is to come formo the Dawn of War universe:

Kristian Simonsens awesome walking hermits tower:

Slambo himself :D :

And of course, the slayersword winner by Michal Pisarski from Lan Studios:

The weekend after I participarted in the local Warhammer stores "The Fang" painting even. I participated with my dwarf slayer and my vampire again. This time I got gold with my slayer in single and silver in diorama with my vampire.

Now for the next project: Tue Kaaes powerfistwielding mutant and a dwarf bust from Mr.Lees Minies.