torsdag den 16. november 2017

Monte San Savino show 2017

It was truely amazing... again :D

I myself got 2 bronce medals. 1 for standard painting for my Nathaniel Garro model, and 1 for standard ambient. I will post proper pictures of my ambient entry as soon as possible.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

By Pawel Machuk aka Monstroy

By Mr. Ben Komets

By Ivan Hortal:

By Michael Pisarski / Lan Studio

By John Keys

Best of show:

By Peder Bartholdy / Demiurge Miniatures

Unknown artist:

By Steffen Jensen / The Damned Artificer

By Aleksandra Tana / Craftworld Studio

By Torben Ryde:

Unknown artist:

Giant MUMI project with a lot of different of some of the best painters in the world:

By Roman Gruba:

By Bent Ejaas / Crazy Goblin Minuatures:

Best of Fantasy by Tue Kaae:

Many many more pictures HERE