onsdag den 29. januar 2014

First of 2014

January is almost done and what a month. I got quit a lot of models for birthday and Christmas and now they are all unpacked and about to get some paint on.

I got:
1) Ferrus Manus form forgworld
2) Inquisitor Hector Rex and retinue from forgeworld
3) Tyberos the red wake from forgeworld
4) Lokihir Felheart from Games Workshop
5) Dwarf Command from Forgeworld
6) Asterion Moloc and Ivanus Enkomi from Forgeworld

Op top of that I also have 2 commissions which needs to be painted soon AND a friend of mine from the Powerfist forum sent me, free of charge, the Korvydae model. Awesome model I want to paint soon. Besides from that I also have my daemonprince project, the project of my skaven bloodbowl team, the project with Harry the hammer, the Van Saar gang project oh and ofcourse last but not least, the dwarf army project. And yes I know I aint going to finish all this during this year, but I wouldnt want to either. What would I do when I was done?

Anyways, here is what I've been working on this month. First off, the dwarf bloodbowl deathroller from Games Workshop.

I've also started out on the Hector Rex and retinue group. First henceman is done:

I should mention this is my first ever attempt at a snowbase. Hope you like it. Cheers