fredag den 22. februar 2013

Painting madness 2013

Last weekend I was visited by 3 other painters in Denmark, all of them leagues better painters than me, but thats only good for me, the result is 4 minies painted and a lot of new knowledge and experiences.

Here are the results of that weekend and following the project I am going to work on next; a diorama with Gotrek and Felix with friends.

First off I painted and old Dogs of War miniature by Games Workshop: Roderigo Delmonte. A father simple model, but with loads of feel and spirit :)

Next I painted a little crazy rat with a pig sticker. Again a fairly simple job, and still it was loads of fun.

Next, I painted myself a little pirate :) The miniature is an annual miniature given with the purchase of a ticket to the gaming conference in Esbjerg Denmark; Horisont On this particular model I praticed painting glass on a bottle by his leg. Hope you like it.

Last but definitely, a friend of mine had build the most amazing Ironhands spacemarine for me. You can see some of his work here: The Damned Artificer. Including Titans and loads of Forgeworld miniatures such as the thunderhawk, I am truly greatfull that he had made this model for me. It was amazing to paint and is going  on the top shelf of my model cabinet.

Huuuuge amounts of respect and thanks to TDA for the mini, I'll owe you one! :)

As promised, I'll give you a few shots of Gotrek & Felix with friends.


lørdag den 2. februar 2013

First of 2013

Welcome to everyone. I hope everyone has had a nice and joyful christmas and new years time. For my part its been a good time, but with no painting at all. I've managed to paint a single model during this Januar; a Chaos Tzeentch spacemarine sorcerer and have begun a few others but not really anything to show. I did however, manage to take some better pictures of my inquisitor Gideon Lorr (his anti spy apparatus must be temporarily out of order) The chaos sorcerer was also used in a challange on the danish painting forum Powerfist with the theme: Freehand. My freehand was the Tzeentch icons on the shoulderpad and the coat behind him.

And before mentioned Inquisitor Gideon Lorr:

Thats it for now. First on the board right now is the old GW miniature from their Dogs of War range: Roderigo of Alcatani. Captain fo the Alcatani pikemen.

Take care till next time.