lørdag den 2. februar 2013

First of 2013

Welcome to everyone. I hope everyone has had a nice and joyful christmas and new years time. For my part its been a good time, but with no painting at all. I've managed to paint a single model during this Januar; a Chaos Tzeentch spacemarine sorcerer and have begun a few others but not really anything to show. I did however, manage to take some better pictures of my inquisitor Gideon Lorr (his anti spy apparatus must be temporarily out of order) The chaos sorcerer was also used in a challange on the danish painting forum Powerfist with the theme: Freehand. My freehand was the Tzeentch icons on the shoulderpad and the coat behind him.

And before mentioned Inquisitor Gideon Lorr:

Thats it for now. First on the board right now is the old GW miniature from their Dogs of War range: Roderigo of Alcatani. Captain fo the Alcatani pikemen.

Take care till next time.

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