mandag den 28. november 2011

"Mal en handske" 3

Finally. Didn't get to paint all weekend, but I managed some hours today due to my girlfriend working late. So, finally got my Garagrim Ironfist finished. The last of the miniatures I aimed for in the "mal en handske" competition.

Here goes:

As mentioned before, reading the fluff of the first slayer made me realise there was no mentioning og dyeing their bear orange. Just their hair. So all the slayers I've painted since then has been with orange hair, but normal colours beard. Since this is a special character I actually wasnt sure if I was going to go through with this particular slayer style, but I decided in the end so keep all my slayers this way.

Since this character is mainly flesh and beard and axes, I wanted something to contrast the mini, and so I went for a bright green for the base and blue axe hafts.

I love the composure of the mini, but I made the rookie mistake of not dry-fitting how he was places on the chopped down chaos warrior and by accident placed the chaos warrior the wrong way on the base.  That resulted in Garagrim almost hanging over the edge of the base AND IT LOOKS AWESOME! Doesn't it? I love it. To me it feels like he just chopped down one opponent and is now leaping on to the next.

I had a great time painting the flesh. There is so much variation and so many possibilities of shading.

My next project is going to be a duel. Involving this:

C&C welcome as usual.


torsdag den 24. november 2011

"Mal en handske" 2

So, as you have maybe read in the previous post, I am working on 4 minies this month and I am kind of behind.

I just got the second orc done for Player1 on the Powerfist forum. Here goes:

So, here are the two  I've painted, together. Hope they will be accepted in their new family of Player1's tide of greenskins:

The last mini I have to do this month is the Garagrim Ironfist. I've started with a black base coat. The base is done, but only got flesh on him so far.

Thats enough posting for this time. Back to painting :)

tirsdag den 22. november 2011

"Mal en handske"

Hello all my trustworthy reader. Yes I am aware there might be as many trustworthy readers as I could hope for, but 1 is enough and I know my mom read this :)

As mentioned in earlier posts, I am active at a gaming forum called; Powerfist. In their painting section they have a wonderfull "competition" going on. Everyone who wants to participate can join the competition, and the idea is that you, yourself, writes every month what you want to paint. At the end of the month is status, and you get points awarded for how much of your own goal you managed before the end of the month. There is no prize to win, but it wonderfull to keep you at it and great if you want to push yourself and make sure you get some miniatures painted. Since you set your own goal yourself its easier to push yourself to reach your goal. This competition is called: "Mal en handske" aka "Paint a glove"

For this month I have aimed for:

1) antourage no1 for my witchhunter need sto be finished.
2) my battle standard-bearer for my dwarf any needs to be finished.
3) Garagrim Ironfist needs to be finished.
4) Last orc for Player1 needs to be finished.

Status as of now:

Standard-bearer is done as seen in last post.

Antourage is also done:

Garagrim is primed and his base is almost done.

The last orc for Player1 is nearly done. Just needing some touch-ups:

I dont have any time to paint this coming weekend, so I really need to work hard to get Garagrim done within the time limit.
So, wish me luck till next time.


tirsdag den 15. november 2011

Grumlok and Gazbag

Ladies and gentlemen, its time for a big reveal.

About 2 years ago, almost at this time, I ordered Warhammer online collectors edition. Buying that box set was the only way of getting your hands on the Grumlok and Gazbag miniature. I did buy the game to actually play the game, but I opted for the collectors edition because of the miniature and the graphical novel as well as the concept art. At that point I hadn't painted in 4-5 years so the miniature was put to rest in a box. Now I have restarted my painting hobby, only problem is, I like the mini so much I wanted the painting to be perfect, and this was afraid of letting myself down with my own average painting skills. The are things you can allow yourself to do/try/test once in a life time. I wanted this miniature to be something very special, so I went ahead and placed an order at two time  Games Day Slayer Sword winner, and Crystal brush overall second; Jakob Rune Nielsen for him to paint my collectors edition Grumlok & Gazbag.

Here are the results:

Let me say that I am extremely satisfied with the result. Jakob and I discussed the colour scheme very little before he started. My only preference was that he was minded towards the more natural / rustic / rusted / dark theme, and avoid the bright /sparkling themes often used by Games Workshop. Besides that, Jakob was free to do as he liked and since I wasn't going to use him for an actual army I opted for a larger round base instead of the standard square one.

I'd like to congratulate Jakob on the result. I am sure, had I thrown even more time and money after Jakob he could probably have made it even more astonishing. Unfortunately my wallet isn't without end, and its only a matter of "extremely cool" instead of "over insanely extremely cool" so I am more than happy. Respect and thanks goes to Jakob from me for a job well done and I couldn't be more happy with the result.

For more pictures, go here. For Jakobs own blogg, go here.

lørdag den 12. november 2011

Dwarf Battle standard and antourage 1

So, got a bit of work off these last few days. Finished my battle starndard bearer for my dwarf army and my first antourage for my witch hunter is almost done. Only lacking a few details... like the "I" mark on his scrolls for the inquisition.

Battle standard bearer:

Witch hunter antourage no1:

Next up is my second orc for Player1. My first orc for Player1 is here:

onsdag den 9. november 2011

Tyrus antourage nr 1

I've now taken up to finish the first of the antourage for Tyrus and what could be better than a henchmen with a flamer for a witch hunter?

After the first henchmen I am planning to paint a helmet bearer togo along with the two madmen.  I am so exited to see it all finished.

Also, I am workin on ideas for a new project which will be a duel between a mage or sorts and a melee figure of sorts. Idea came from some small metal wires I was about to throw out after removing them from a recieved package. Inspiration can come from the strangest of places.

fredag den 4. november 2011

Beware! Here be Giants

A friend of mine has gutted his warhammer carrier and dumped all his minies on me. I am very greatfull and since one of them is the old Orcs 'n Goblins giant, and I dont paint anything that big, I'd like to sell him cheap og exchange him for something els.

If you are interested write a comment here or send me and email. The giant has not been painted on or in any other way altered. Its still in the original box.

This is a picture from the catalogue when the mini was released. Not a picture of my actual mini.