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Grumlok and Gazbag

Ladies and gentlemen, its time for a big reveal.

About 2 years ago, almost at this time, I ordered Warhammer online collectors edition. Buying that box set was the only way of getting your hands on the Grumlok and Gazbag miniature. I did buy the game to actually play the game, but I opted for the collectors edition because of the miniature and the graphical novel as well as the concept art. At that point I hadn't painted in 4-5 years so the miniature was put to rest in a box. Now I have restarted my painting hobby, only problem is, I like the mini so much I wanted the painting to be perfect, and this was afraid of letting myself down with my own average painting skills. The are things you can allow yourself to do/try/test once in a life time. I wanted this miniature to be something very special, so I went ahead and placed an order at two time  Games Day Slayer Sword winner, and Crystal brush overall second; Jakob Rune Nielsen for him to paint my collectors edition Grumlok & Gazbag.

Here are the results:

Let me say that I am extremely satisfied with the result. Jakob and I discussed the colour scheme very little before he started. My only preference was that he was minded towards the more natural / rustic / rusted / dark theme, and avoid the bright /sparkling themes often used by Games Workshop. Besides that, Jakob was free to do as he liked and since I wasn't going to use him for an actual army I opted for a larger round base instead of the standard square one.

I'd like to congratulate Jakob on the result. I am sure, had I thrown even more time and money after Jakob he could probably have made it even more astonishing. Unfortunately my wallet isn't without end, and its only a matter of "extremely cool" instead of "over insanely extremely cool" so I am more than happy. Respect and thanks goes to Jakob from me for a job well done and I couldn't be more happy with the result.

For more pictures, go here. For Jakobs own blogg, go here.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, I came across it quite at random a few weeks ago when I didn't even know that this model existed. It's too cool for me not to own though and at weekend I just managed to get hold of one on eBay for a bit less than £20.

    I too am a bit afraid to paint him, though I don't have money for the commission quite of Jakob's standard. He's done a beautiful job though, I'm glad it came out so well :)