mandag den 28. november 2011

"Mal en handske" 3

Finally. Didn't get to paint all weekend, but I managed some hours today due to my girlfriend working late. So, finally got my Garagrim Ironfist finished. The last of the miniatures I aimed for in the "mal en handske" competition.

Here goes:

As mentioned before, reading the fluff of the first slayer made me realise there was no mentioning og dyeing their bear orange. Just their hair. So all the slayers I've painted since then has been with orange hair, but normal colours beard. Since this is a special character I actually wasnt sure if I was going to go through with this particular slayer style, but I decided in the end so keep all my slayers this way.

Since this character is mainly flesh and beard and axes, I wanted something to contrast the mini, and so I went for a bright green for the base and blue axe hafts.

I love the composure of the mini, but I made the rookie mistake of not dry-fitting how he was places on the chopped down chaos warrior and by accident placed the chaos warrior the wrong way on the base.  That resulted in Garagrim almost hanging over the edge of the base AND IT LOOKS AWESOME! Doesn't it? I love it. To me it feels like he just chopped down one opponent and is now leaping on to the next.

I had a great time painting the flesh. There is so much variation and so many possibilities of shading.

My next project is going to be a duel. Involving this:

C&C welcome as usual.


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