lørdag den 3. december 2011

Someone to look up to

Hello everyone

As I have mentioned earlier, I only just started painting again recently. I have always wanted to go to GamesDay to feel the atmosphere and look at all the awesome miniatures. This year I thought it was about time. When I made that decision I hadnt been painting in 5-6 years and I didnt want to go alone so I posted on Powerfist if anyone wanted to join my trip. Turned out they were a whole group already planning to go and there were also plans for a get-together to meet each other before going to GamesDay 2011. I offered to house the get-together and thus 3 other nerds came visiting me few weeks before GamesDay.

Amongst the visitors was a painter I hadnt noticed befor but I can garantee I'll start folowing his work from now on. Let me introduce: Kristian Simonsen. This years winner of the Forge World best in show AND first place in the Diorama category.

Here he receives the prize. (sry for the bad picture, I wasnt ready for the big spot that hit the stage)

The diorama in question:

Amongst the others in the Danish group I went with was this years silver winner in the Monster category: Thomas Kyrsting making a great ratogre riding skaven warlord. And the winner of the Young Bloods category: Mads Nibe Larson. Already looking forward to next years competition which is going to see my first entry ever. Not sure yet what its going to be but I have a few projects in the oven.

Till next time. Cheers.

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