lørdag den 31. december 2011

Last of 2011

Its the last day of the year, and I finaly finished a few minies.  My beloved dwarves are on their way to becomming a proper painted army. 4 down.... 200 ish to go.

First is my second entourage  for my witchhunter band.

Second is a couple of dwarfs. 2 of which was my painting goal set for this month on the Powerfist forum.

To my own surprise I mannaged to paint 2 more dwarves:

So, thats the end of 2011. I hope for an even more productive 2012 and I wish a happpy new year for everyone. Take care, cya on the other side :)

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  1. That is super awesome and such a lovely things that you have created. The colours and detailing is so near to life. You have done a fabulous job with it.