torsdag den 15. december 2011

Projekt Harry the Hammer

As some of you might know, Harry the Hammer is a limited edition miniature from Games workshop only published due to Games Workshop had 20 year (I think) anniversary.Some later found a guide as to how to put the mini together but at first it seemed like a hell of a project. Here are the parts:

Well you get the idea. Alot of parts! Well, with a bit of fiddling about and some help from the nifty heads at who found this:

Now the base is collected and I've glued the head, the right hand with hammer and an extra armourplate to Harry himself. Here goes:

As you can maybe see, I've spend some greenstuff patching the seams and also trying to make a softer edge down towards the base. Harry himself has received some black coating and I'll plan to wait with glueing the shield untill atleast some of the mini has been painted.

Next I'll plan to give the base a black coat as well and start there before painting Harry himself. Any suggestions to colourscheme is welcome, though I can tell from the start I am NOT going to paint him pink :D

Cheers till next time.

3 kommentarer:

  1. How about green, gold and red, like on the cover of WD 340?

    A nice busy mini with a totaly over the top base
    :-) I also have one, looking forward to painting him some day.

  2. So, red base, gold trim... where would the green go? I havent seen the WG340 model.

  3. I was actually thinking of the John Blanche drawing on the cover, the mini is based on it anyway. The green would act as a spot colour to maximise contrast; you could put it on small details, maybe a fiew selected armor plates or even as shadow on the red areas.