mandag den 17. december 2012

Twice the prize!

*Warning, may contain spoilers*

2 things happened yesterday. (yes only 2, the rest was spend on the couch with hangovers)

1) I went to see The Hobbit and discovered its only part 1 of 3 and its 3 hours long ... yes call me noob and stuff, but my days of extreme nerding is over I am happy to say. The Lord of the Rings 1 was released on my birthday and I came to the premier with my friends dressed in elf clothing... those days are over. I liked the movie. There was a few points of the movie I wasn't satisfied with, especially the voice of the goblin king and how easily he was killed. Also, the dark dark caves where Bilbo meets Goloum the first time was NOT very dark in the movie. Now is only the agonizing wait for the next part >_<

 2) Best model of the year was sculpted and painted by a danish guy named Morten. He has allowed me to post a few pictures of his model here. Enjoy:

A giant applause and congratulations goes out to Morten from me on a fantastically live and dynamic sculpt and a paintjob different from anything ells. If you find this sculpt, which is a one-off, interesting, take a look at his Trolls

tirsdag den 11. december 2012

group photos

I have quite a few projects in the pipeline right now, I wasnted to take a few pictures of 2 of the projects I've managed to get the furthest with so far.

The first project didnt start out as a project but I discovered I had painted a group of minies that fitted well together as an inquisitorial warband =I=

Ladies and gentlemen, I give to you Witchhunter inquisitor Tyrus and retinue:

The group consists of:
Tyrus himself, ready to purge the impure.
Imperial preacher Kyrinov of the holy imperial church
Redeemer and Malekev. Devotees of the imperial cult and burners of heratics.
Noname the silent. Spreading the word of the inquisition and incinerating anyone in his way.
Finaly, last AND least, Bob the helmet bearer :)

Plan is to place these in a heretic infested invironment, such as... lets say a lower hive city!? :D

Another project I am working on is The White pirate Dwarf, together with Long Drong and his slayer pirates:

Plans are to place these rough fellas on an island of their own in a near future.

Any ideas to these projects are welcome of course.

lørdag den 1. december 2012

Novembers work

This months work contains a Dark Angel Company master, Witch hunter Inquisitor Gideon Lorr and 2 wonderful dwarfs.

The Dark Angel company master was quite the handful to paint. I am new to painting powerarmor, but that wasn't the hardest part. The banner and all the flat areas I am to try and make more alive was really a test to my skills. Hope you think it worked out. Originally the model comes with a head with huuuuge wings, just like GW likes them, but I found that a bit too silly and swaped the head for another spacemarine head. I chose this head for 2 reasons. 1) I like painting skin and so this was my chance. 2) I think a helmet makes for a much less striking miniature and also a much less personal miniature. Hope you enjoy.

I must apologies for the bad queslity pictures, I just have to buy a new camera. Also, I am sorry for not being able to post any pictures of Gideon Lorr... well I could but they were all out of focus >_< no idea whats going on... my be some inqiositorial gadget that prevents sneaking spies from taking pictures of the inquisitor...