lørdag den 1. december 2012

Novembers work

This months work contains a Dark Angel Company master, Witch hunter Inquisitor Gideon Lorr and 2 wonderful dwarfs.

The Dark Angel company master was quite the handful to paint. I am new to painting powerarmor, but that wasn't the hardest part. The banner and all the flat areas I am to try and make more alive was really a test to my skills. Hope you think it worked out. Originally the model comes with a head with huuuuge wings, just like GW likes them, but I found that a bit too silly and swaped the head for another spacemarine head. I chose this head for 2 reasons. 1) I like painting skin and so this was my chance. 2) I think a helmet makes for a much less striking miniature and also a much less personal miniature. Hope you enjoy.

I must apologies for the bad queslity pictures, I just have to buy a new camera. Also, I am sorry for not being able to post any pictures of Gideon Lorr... well I could but they were all out of focus >_< no idea whats going on... my be some inqiositorial gadget that prevents sneaking spies from taking pictures of the inquisitor...

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