torsdag den 19. januar 2012

First of 2012

Hello there

Its January 2012. Time should be spend digging yourself free from huge drifts of snow... but so far the Danish winter had barely made me  scrape frost off my windshield. Other than that I've spend much of my time in bed with back problems and a fever. Anyway, enough about the real world. Lets get going with the fantasy world!

This months bar is set:

1) 2 slayers
2) 2 miners
3) 4 finished bases on thunderers.

Now... I have to set these goals for myself, or else I know I wont get things done. Its been more than 10 years since I first started my interest for this universe and by know I've collected quite the amount of miniature. Since I rarely play but is more interested in the painting part, the incentive to get a complete army painted hasnt realy been there. However I really really want to have a complete painted army so its my goal to paint at least a few every month. I am STILL, though, a moppet at following my own goals so when I saw an old dwarf pointing at me from the desktop I hat to paint him... well... at least he is still in my army.

Sorry for the bad lighting. I am planning to go buy a lightbox so I can take some proper pictures of what I paint, but I am not sure I have room for it :D

Anyhow. I have spend a lot of money on models lately, so right now I have on my list:

1) manfred von carstein
2) Vlad von Carstein
3) squig / lizard duel
4) Harry the Hammer
5) Griff Obervald
6) Bör Dragonbane (avatars-of-war)
+ my 250 dwarfs...

Take care.

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