mandag den 10. oktober 2011

First of firsts

Hello everyone (which by now is noone)

My unierse, is a multitude of colors, sounds and shapes. I like it colourfull and I like variation. That is also the reason why I do alot of different stuff in my sparetime.

Mainly I collect and paint warhammer figures. Both fantasy and 40k. I havnt played a game for a realy long time, mainly because I am realy bad at it. I'll use this blog to show some of my creations and ideas that will, hopefully, come to fruition.

I started collecting warhammer miniatures back in 1996 and together with a friend from schoole we collected a dwarf army (back in hero hammer; WS8 & T6 Runelord)

In 2000 I whent to a boardingschoole for a year and didnt realy paitn all that year. When I got home I tried to start again but was more into live role playing and making roleplaying weapons and gadgets with the same friend I had collected warhammer with previously.

2004; My friend and I moves to Aarhus together with some other friends and the next 7 years I've been spending more of my time on working and sports, and my miniatures have been left in the suitcase.

2011:  I was browsing and ramdomly saw an add on GWs website that the sales for this years Games Day had started. During the last 7 years I've felt like painting lots of times. But since it has been too much work to break open the treasure-chest for maby just a few hours painting, I've never gotten around to it. Anyway, I though to myself, this is it. IØf I ever wanna get started painting miniatures again now is the time. I bought a ticket and whent with some of the other nerds from Denmark.

Here is my album with pictures from 2011 games day.

At the same time I started being more active on a forum I joined a loooong time ago: Powerfist, with loads of friendly hobby enthusiasts hang out and have fun exchanging ideas and stories. They have helped me get started with painting again I have participated in my first ever painting competition: "mal en ork". Here is my entry: picture1 & 2

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