onsdag den 14. august 2013

Games day 2013 Köln entries

This was my first Games Day where I entered models and here is what I brought. I didn't expect to even get a finalist pin, and I didn't, but it was totally the trip worth it. I met so many nice people from all over Europe and I received so much positive criticism and got so much inspiration from other peoples pieces. 

Also, a thing I noticed how nicely everyone transported their miniatures so yesterday I bought this for future transport:

The Gotrek and Felix diorama was my "masterpiece" so here goes:


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  1. Great little showcase. Saw you Group there and it was really well done! Was nice to be able to see it up close at the pre-GD event! Hope to see you more in future events!

    1. Thx a bunch. Its my greatest project so far and i am realy happy with the result though i learned a lot during the weekend. Its nice to hear i am not the only one who likes my work ^^