mandag den 15. oktober 2012

Weekend og painting madness

Hello everyone

This weekend a friend and I had arranged a small get together to get some painting done and have a relaxing weekend. Usually, my photo gear is something I have in the closet untill the miniature is painted. Then I set up the gear, take pictures of the finished product and then stow it away again. This weekend I had the gear set up while I was painting and so got to take some work-in-progress pictures. First its my first Bloodbowl miniature in a very long time; Griff Oberwald.

First few steps.
Chaos black spray basecoat and metals

The metal is base of boltgun metal. After that I wash it with a 50/50 mix of badab black and devlan mud. After that a light drybrush layer of boltgun metal and then highlighted with mithril silver.

The gold I base with a calthan brown mixed 50/50 with mechrite red. After the base I give it a light layer of brazen brass. First highlight is with burnished gold, second highlight is shining gold and lastly a few dots of mithril silver. seems to be working properly again so here goes again.

Green was base with dark angel green. Adding Gnarloc green and later scorpion green. In the end a but of green wash was added.

I still hadn't decided on how to paint the ball and the gloves and boots. Since the ball would be brown/red I though it would blend too much into each other if the gloves was brown as well.

So the gloves I gave a light grey, in stark contrast to the red/brown of the ball. Only brown is then the straps holding his armor in place.

Only need the text on the should and the grass on the base now.

C&C welcom as usual.


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