lørdag den 14. juli 2012

Painting powerfist - The Grand Finale vol 2

For my second netry I entered the single miniature medium level competition with this, Snorry Nosebiter from the Gotret and Felix novels. Hope you like it because I loved painting it. Miniatures in a very static pose CAN be a very striking miniature, however I like it better when there is movement and a clear intent in the miniature. Here goes:

My entry for the open category was the diorama you see below of a lizard shaman facing off versus a goblin warlord on squig.

Take care.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hey, that miniature is amazing!! congrats!!

    Where did you find this miniature? Is from GW?? thank you

    1. Hey Kolokera

      Thank you very much for your kind words.

      The model is Snorri Nosebiter from the Gotrek and Felix fantasy novels. Its an old model produced by Black Library many years ago. there are 5 in the group: Gotrek, Felix, Snorri, Max and Ulrika. They are no longer in production but can from time to time be found on ebay although, often very pricy. the rest of the models you can find here: http://jrp-corner.blogspot.dk/2013/08/games-day-2013-koln-entries.html