torsdag den 6. marts 2014

Thats a bad mailman :(

Back in January I placed and order for the "Macragge's Honor" from Black Library Its a huge illustrated novel with gilded pages and it cost €95.00. The book was only being printed as they received order so the eta for delivery was 6-10 weeks. I placed the order the the 3. January and received the book in the mail last saturday. Now, Denmark has the national royal postal service and usually they are great. Much more reliant then UPS or GLS. Thus I requested that Postdanmark would handle the postage.

Last Saturday, I finally received the model. I wasn't home but my girlfriend was and she could text me and show me how the mailman had forced the package down into the mailbox:

I came home and gently pealed the wrapping of the book. Fortunately Black Library knows how to wrap their expensive books and thus it was limited how much the book had been damaged.
As mentioned, normally I always used the danish postal service but this time, I am really disappointed with the mailman.
The book itself is amazing. A huge book, true quality paper and amazing graphics. Bad thing is, its too short. The story tell the fate of the Ultramarines battleship Macragge's Honor while hunting Kor Phaeron on his battle barge into the void, after the ambush committed by the Word bearers.

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