torsdag den 12. juni 2014

Woodworks and CARTOONS :D

The painting part has been neglected on my part the last few months. The summer came and a lot of other arrangements have been more interesting than sitting in a dark room with a brush, trying to detail miniatures. I have however not been total out of production.

I bought this case for transporting miniatures, from a webshop in poland. You have to put it together yourself but its fairly easy and its a good fit. They suggest that you paint it or at least treat it some way for it to resist potential water etc. I visited my father yesterday who helped me paint it a dark flat red. Now I just need for it to dry and then I have plans to paint some sort of motive on the box.

Also, I have been looking for someone to male plinths for my various entries. A friend of mine suggested a German site and I received the package a few days ago.

The packaging was good, but the plinths are very rough, with quite a few errors here and there. they were cheap so I got what I payed for....

Last but not least, a fellow painter from a Danish forum is making warhammer style cartoons. I think they a great, if you want to see them, go HERE. You'll get a taste here.

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  1. Nice haul there! I also have the HZ large travel case. It is great, but quite heavy. And not so great for planes as I found out recently. :( But for roadtrips it is awesome and plenty of space!
    Where did you get the plinths from though? Am curious as they look familiar but can't place my finger on them exactly.
    Looking forward to when you get back to painting and what projects you end up doing for!

    1. Hey Lee. Thanks a lot. Good to hear of your experience with the larger case. I ordered my case together with the larger one for my friend. Did you experience problems with fitting the case in the overhead compartment?
      The plinths are from a german company: Sockelmacher ~
      Thx for the support. I got some more work done on the troll today so you cna expect and update from me soon :)


    2. Had issues with the overhead, and almost was not allowed on the plane cause it is a bit too thick based on the allowances given. For the overhead, it only works if you lay it on its back, so everything is now on the wall instead of floor of the shelf. I was safe only cause they didn't measure it, and that I have a lot of Blutac for the sockets to keep everything safe!
      And thought those looked like Stefan's sockets.
      Looking forward to your work! Enjoy!