torsdag den 29. januar 2015

First of 2015. Manu of the day: The Emperors Inquisition

This last weekend I participated in a workshop in Copenhagen. The idea was to create a competition level entry from start to finish during this 48hour workshop.  Here is my result.

On my part, this weekend was used mainly to try out some new effects. I was focussing on blending the colours of the cape more smoothly and on trying out this, for me, new way to paint metals.

Blending has been something I have been fighting with for a long time. Of course it can always get better, but its an area I see myself needing to improve and this weekend, in company with some of the best miniature painters of Denmark, gave me that oppertunity.

Metals have always been a place where I have struggled. I havnt really found a way for metals to be interesting and I have been admiring those that makes metals looks fascinating and interesting. So thats what I worked on. I didnt get to a point where I thought "ok now I got the hang of it" but I got a lot of input and practice, which was what I was aiming for. A great weekend I'll happely do again.

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