onsdag den 16. august 2017

Chromanaut Dogme48 august

This last weekend, I participated in yet another Dogme48 even, again this time arranged by the Chromanaut team.

For those that arent familiar with the Dogme48 concept, its fairly simple: You get 48 hours to make a competition level entry from start to finish. There are no rules on what project you chose, that is intirely up to you. It is however advisable, that you chose something different from what you paint normally. The point is to try and see if we can push some bounderies and of course inspire and learn from eachother.

For this even I chose to do the Garro model from Forgeworld. While is is nothing new for me to paint GW/Forgeworld models, its been a very long time since I painted spacemarine armor, and I also wanted to try out a metal technique on a larger scale. So, there are some progress pictures of both mine and some of the other participants projects. The finished result comes later.

About to begin:

Out of the box and prepped for painting:

First layers: Metal via airbrush + gold and black from brush :

Shading and highlighting all over, the long process helped a great deal by the old expert, Tue Kaae:

Other projrects.
Torben from the Chromanaut team:

Bo from the Chromanaut team:

My friend Bent from Crazy Goblin Miniatures:

Mads from the Chromanaut team:

Foreign guest star, John from Sweeden, part of the Sweedish painting community:

Christian from the Chromanaut team:

Note: These are all WIP pictures. There will be a post about the end results on Chromanauts website soon.

Almost finished Garro:

Better pictures soon.

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