fredag den 31. august 2018

Last known transmission received from Imperial inquisitional freighter II-225

Now, a while a go my friend Tue sculted an awesome model, WIP pictures on this blog also. He finaly got it cast, I finaly got it bought and in the end also painted. A great thanks to many of my painting friends but especially to Steffen aka The Damned Artificer for hours of help and guides and to Tue himself for supporting the project. It is my great piece to date, but in dimensions but also concerning the amount of work going into it and the end result. Here goes the tale of the mutant let loose

--++ Incomming transmission detected ++--

--++ Secure transmission established – Code: Inq-Ev-Alpha Tango Ekko. ++--

--++ Origin: Imperial inquisitional freighter II-225 ++--

--++ Mission classification: Officio assassinorum ++--

--++ Asset classification: Eversor ++--

--++ Designation: Carrying cargo for mechanicum test facility. ++--

--++ Destination: planet Lectio-47 ++--

--++ Transmission start: ++--

--++ Transmission 1 received: “Status report: Technical malfunction during warp translation. Eminent failure of cargo containment.” ++--

--++ Transmission 2 received: “Status report: Forced re-entry into realspace. Cargo containment systems experienced critical failure. Re-routing all available personnel in attempt to contain subject.” ++--

--++ Transmission 3 received: “Status report: Unable to contain target subject. Bridge has been sealed. In need if immediate assistance.” ++--

--++ Transmission end. ++--

Administratum note: Contact with Imperial Inquisitorial freighter II-225 lost. Launching search party. Note: Use extreme caution. Assistance of Astra Militarum is adviced.

It is said, that Imperial inquisitional freighter II-225 is still not recovered and is adrift in the warp....

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