fredag den 18. november 2016

Monte San Savino show 2016

So, this years Monte San Savino show is behind us... and yet not quit. After a barage of monstrously awesome models, both sculpted and painted, you cant really put it behind you, and you are not supposed to either. For some people, I am sure Monte San Savino is just a competition to find out how good they are, not to me though. It might be because I know I am not the best, by far, but to me its a source of inspiration to get better, to make even more amazing pieces and for the fantasy to be let lose. I have of course a lot of mental images, but I also did take a bunch of pictures I would like to share.

I have a folder HERE you are welcome to have a look at. I have picted out a few examples here. Enjoy.

By Kristian Simonsen:

By Tue Kaae

By Roman Lappat

By Anna Shestakova

By Michael Kontraros

By Mr. Ben Komets sir ;)

A lot more pictures, just follow the link. Cheers.

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  1. i really enjoyed this Monte San Savino show 2016. thank you very much for sharing this on your blog. look at the little characters. so amazing. oh yeah, i will check the other pictures too by following the link given:)

    1. Thanks a bunch. If miniatures have any of your interests I would suggest going to Monte San Savino show i november. Its is an amazing display of peoples imagination! :)