torsdag den 2. februar 2017

Manfred Von Carstein - Bloodfrenzy forever!

A few years ago.. or should I say, quite a few years ago, I bought 2 Warhammer models: Manfred and Vlad Von Carsten. Two of the most feared special characters on the know Warhammer universe and also, might I add, two awesome models.

I spend a long time wondering how to paint them. I wanted Manfred to be blood red, but I didnt know how to make him interesting to look at. So I asked a good friend of mine, Tue (Yes, the Tue) and he tolled me: paint him green.... well, that was not what I expected, since I had just tolled him I wanted to paint him REALLY red.

Anyway, we finally got around to actually do the painting and a year later (yes... a year!) here it is. I brought it to Monte San Savino 2016 and it was the only thing I entered. The absolutely best piece I have ever done, much thx to Tue.

I hope you can see the point of the green. I am for one very happy with the result and it has opened my eyes to many more possibilities. Cheers.

While I am at it. Shout out to Tues new project with fellow painters Bo, Torben and Kristian. Takke a look HERE

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  1. You did good job here, one should never give up and keep trying. you used colors beautifully, thanks for sharing it with us

    1. Thanks a lot and you are most welcome. If you are on instagram you are welcome to follow my work there