mandag den 13. februar 2017

Dwarf dragonslayer for Dogme48

Some friends of mine has gotten together and started their own little community named Chromanaut. They are; Kristian Simonsen, Tue Kaae, Bo Bjerregaard and Torben Ryde. They are all very talented and I am proud to call them fellow nerds.

This past weekend, they repeated an even we have tried a few times before: Dogme48. Basicaly, you get 48 hours straight to sculpt/build/put together a model and paint it to a competition standard. Seeing I came from the other end of the country, I wouldnt be able to participate all 48 hours so I chose a model of smaller size then most of the others; the new dwarf dragonslayer/unforged/white dwarf, as the model is known now a days ...

Here is the result.

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2 kommentarer:

  1. I will say best of luck to your friends for starting the Chromatin. and the startup seems like an innovative idea. i like it very much when young energetic minds do such amazing things

    1. Thx a lot for the kind words.